Chuck graduated from Mormon Trail High School in
Garden Grove Iowa in 1962, then enrolled in the US
Trade School to become an auto technician. He then
began his career working for General Motors
Assembly Plant BOP in Fair fax, Kansas. He also
worked at several different locations for Bill Hendrix.
In 1979 Chuck made the decision to buy Bill's Skelly
Station. Then in 1985 he purchased the property in
Parkville to build his dream
CHUCKS PARKVILLE GARAGE . He started with a 4 bay garage, a front office,
stockroom and Mark. In 1999 he expanded and added on a new office for him
self and 2 new bays making it a total of 6. Chuck has worked very hard to
make the garage what it is today.
Chuck's son Cam has been working for him since he was 8
years old. He became a full time team member in 1990
when he graduated from Park Hill High School. He has
proven to be a very loyal employee with dedicated work
Scott joined the team in August of 2000.  He has been
working as an auto technician for 20 years. He is a good
technician and has proven to have great customer
Chuck's daughter Christy has been working at the
garage since 1995 except for a short absence after
college. She is a dedicated employee and has become a  
wealth of knowledge in knowing the inner workings of
vehicles. She is the first person you see when you walk
in the door, and is excited to greet you and answer any
questions that you may have.